Sri Lanka is offering free tourist visas to citizens from 48 countries!
មកពី ៖ Cambodia 05/08/2019

Sri Lanka will issue a one-month visa to citizens from nearly 50 countries in an effort to boost tourism following the April terror attacks,

Sri Lankan Minister of Tourism John Amaratunga announced on Wednesday that the government will take over. Existing for existing visa fees ($ 20 for South Asians and $ 35 for other nationalities) From August 1 for citizens from 48 countries. According to Reuters, the free visa applies to both tourists and visitors for business purposes, and is valid for six months.

Sri Lanka launched the first half of this year with a 12% year-on-year increase in tourist arrivals, compared with last year when the island helped Sri Lanka become a top travel and tourism destination because of its beauty. Of nature, the wildlife there, and the friendly reception of the Sri Lankan people. But tourism has stalled after the country was hit by a series of terrorist attacks in April that killed 263 people. The number of international tourists dropped by 71% in May, the lowest level since the Sri Lankan Civil War, according to the country's tourism development authority.

It was a significant reduction, but for June, the number of arrivals rose to 63,072 compared to 37,802 in May, while foreign offices around the world lowered the travel warning numbers. In addition, the Sri Lankan government announced in July that it would reduce airfare for six months to encourage tourists, and some hotels are promoting similar initiatives by offering up to 70% discount packages. Well.

The free visa initiative applies to American, Canadian, British, European, Australian, New Zealand, Russian, Singaporean, Malaysian, South Korean, Cambodian, Thai, Chinese, Indian and Indonesian nationals.